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The Uplå teams will be delighted to welcome members of your media team to our parks. Whether it’s for a visit, filming, an interview, or just a question, do not hesitate to contact us here: 

Media Coverage - 2022-2023


  • Come From China
  • 16-05-2023


  • Dushi Sing Tao
  • 16-05-2023


  • Sing Tao
  • 16-05-2023

Ontario is about to get North America’s largest outdoor trampoline park

  • Toronto News Station
  • 16-05-2023

Uplå, north America’s largest outdoor trampoline, coming soon to Stouffville!

  • Bullet Point News
  • 15-05-2023

Now you can get an outdoor workout by trampolining through the treetops

  • Get Out There Magazine
  • 15-05-2023

Ontario Welcomes Uplå: America’s Largest Outdoor Trampoline

  • DRIFT Travel
  • 15-05-2023