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The masculine gender is used in this Web site for conciseness.


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Upla created its Web site primarily for information purposes and secondarily to provide a number of services to its members. Although Upla compiled the information on its Web site with all due care at the time of launch, some content may be inaccurate. Information on this Web site may also be outdated. In either case, Upla cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, that might result. Furthermore, the Upla Web site complies with certain EDP, technical, graphic and typographic standards.

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Some texts appearing on this Web site aim to explain the various processes implemented to fulfill its mission to protect the public and to answer the questions most commonly received on these matters. They do not seek to substitute for the official legislative and regulatory texts on the topic or to interpret them.

Privacy concerns or questions may be addressed in writing to Upla Privacy Officer at info@arbraska.com.